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Transforming Your Device into a VR System

Mobile devices today are capable of performing dozens of functions. They not only make and receive phone calls and texts. They also allow you to browse the Internet, shop online, keep track of your household budget, act as a compass, and do many other things that you might take for granted each day. Depending on the device you have, you also can make it into a VR headset with relative ease. By attaching a printable cardboard viewer to your device, you could experience virtual reality without actually having to go out and buy a separate headset for this purpose. The cardboard viewer you can print off online will depend on the type of mobile device you have. These printable viewers are available for most types of Android devices. They also are available for some types of Apple devices as well. You can find viewers that are available in large format that allow you to see clearly without having to use special glasses or headgear. You can also find small VR printouts that fit onto smaller devices and are categorized as popup VR sets. These printouts can provide your kids with hours of fun when they otherwise might get bored. For example, if you are taking a long road trip and do not plan on stopping at a lot of places in between home and your destination, you need a way to keep your kids entertained. These VR printouts can be the ultimate accessory to add to their devices to keep them busy during the car ride. They also can be used for business purposes especially if you have a presentation you want everyone to be able to see at the same time regardless of their location. They allow you to customize your presentation in a format not often seen in the business world today.

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