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VR Made Easy

Enjoy VR Without Breaking The Bank

Experience virtual reality on your smartphone with Google Cardboard, a fold-out cardboard viewer!

Why Invest in a Google Cardboard?

  • Compatible with Android and iOS operating systems

  • Offers ease of storage by folding flat

  • Available as pre-manufactured units (so you do not have to worry about the “DIY” hassles)

  • Allows embedding VR content on the web as well as apps

  • Easy to use

  • Cost-effective

  • Easily available

Buy it From DODOcase VR!

  • DODOcase VR is an original supplier of Google Cardboard Virtual Reality viewers.

  • Wide variety of viewer style options to choose from

  • High-quality USA production

  • Complete logistics & fulfillment support

  • In-house graphic design services

  • We supply branded viewers for some of the largest events and most iconic brands worldwide and accept custom orders for any quantity.


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