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5 case studies of companies successfully implementing VR marketing strategies

Virtual Reality continues to grow as technology improves and the use for VR continues to expand in not only for the video game industry but marketing industry as well. VR has lead businesses to create and develop new methods of advertising for their brands by creating the world that showcases their upcoming products to potential customers.

With VR goggles become cheaper to purchase, especially thanks to Google's VR cardboard headset, business has become emboldened to spread their influences to the fresh and trendy tech.

Now you might still be unsure whether or not your company should invest in VR marketing without seeing some sort of successful track record from other companies leveraging VR in their marketing strategy. That’s all right! This is why we’ve put together this article, so that we can show you actual case studies of companies of all sizes using VR as a part of their marketing strategy.

Here are some companies that have created their own VR entertainment showcasing their fantastic products to upcoming customers. It’s an excellent way to build brand awareness and tackle a new market for your product/brand.

Northstar Lake Tahoe Premium Homes

Northstar Lake Tahoe has been known for being one of the world's best winter sports location. Travelers from all over the globe have visited this amazing destination for years. As the mountain continues to grow, so have the opportunities for homes.

Wanting to attract potential purchasers from all over the world, the Mountainside group began to develop their own virtual reality, offering its viewers tours of their winter wonderland households. This allows people to tour around their new home as a snowstorm passes on outside.

While Mountainside was originally going to utilize their own custom branded google cardboard headsets, they decide to use a much more premium item that would fit with their high scale properties.

SMARTvr, was chosen as their premium, pocket VR headset. This headset was designed by some ex-apple employees and developed to be combined with great content.

For the sales process, the Mountainside team is not only offering a chance to use a full 360 VR video to showcase their amazing homes to viewers, but also giving away the gift of VR to viewers.

Because of this, the company was able to attract thousands of visitors to their mountains.

Mountain Dew VR Tour

Most of us already know Mountain Dew. It’s that soda whose brand has become synonymous with the action sports world. The company itself expanded internationally and now you can find their products all over the world.

Recently, Mountain Dew managed to bring their Dew Tour to fans all over the world with the help of some custom branded SMARTvr, headsets, which allowed them to combined their virtual world with incredible 360 footage from some of world's most amazing extreme sports athletes.

Now Mountain Dew does not market itself as a sport drink company, but they’re using VR to grow their brand through athletes. This is another case of how you can leverage VR for influencer marketing.

Mountain Dew has continued to step up their game, after having quite the successful marketing initiative with their VR tours. With the help of SMARTvr, the company manages to develop a much more durable and fun experience for their viewers, bring them premium content for both casual and fans of extreme sports.


Neoscape is a well known creative studio with locations based in New York, San Francisco, and Boston. For over 20 years they’ve successfully created brand experiences of built environments for discerning clients all over the globe.

During this year, Neoscape decides to continue its quest for pioneering their field by utilizing the power of VR. When a completed project reaching the scope and scale that Neoscape achieves, 2-D renders won’t simply do anymore.

Designers need to show their clients the vision of what an entire new streetscape will possibly look like. With the recent emergence of VR design tools along with the usage of smartphones in virtual reality viewers, this was the perfect way for them to fully show the scope of their designs.

Designers at Neoscape were now capable of bringing their clients into a world filled with their imagination through rendered outputs in virtual reality. By showcasing their amazing works through the power of Oculus rift and HTC Vive, clients would witness amazing fields of office space, with the help of modern smartphones.

AT&T and Conan O'Brien

Sometime during 2016, AT&T and Conan O’Brien teamed up during the 2016 Comic Con to develop the Conan 360. This immersive media gave viewers some of the best seats in the studio by mounting their 360 capture camera technology right on Conan’s desk, allowing fans all over the country to view their favorite host up close along with his guest during Comic Con.

AT&T and the Conan team collaborated on the custom design for their VR headset, to further ensure a memorable experience. This campaign was quite successful and left fans with a fantastic experience when it comes to VR, but also gained them a nifty pair of unique headsets, making them a one of a kind collectible.

Howard University

As virtual reality continues to grow so does its usage in all sorts of medium and education is just one of the many places VR is starting to pop up. Schools and universities have begun to utilize VR to showcase their campuses to prospective students, athletes, and faculty. Howard University has become one of the many places to naturally utilize this technology, allowing users to gain a fell for the school without having to travel a long distance. Once the users are on the campus, VR is being simulated in more imaginable ways as the software continues to increase during development.


Virtual Reality has become on of the most anticipated technological breakthroughs in recent years, with its capabilities of simulating all sorts of environments. It’s no surprise that companies are jumping in to develop not only their own virtual worlds but also making their own custom headsets to further endear themselves to both current and potential customers. These companies have shown that VR can be an incredible marketing tool when properly used.

Another misconception about VR marketing is that it is an expensive marketing strategy. This is actually not true. You can get started with VR for fairly inexpensively. If you’re looking for the proper gears to supercharge your VR marketing, you should check out our wide collection of VR supplies at DodocaseVR.

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