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Powering the Pocket Metaverse

For Large-Scale and Direct Mail Distribution

This virtual reality cardboard viewer is perfect for direct mail and large-scale campaigns. Specially designed for bulk mail and direct mail projects in accordance with the United States Postal Service standards.

  • Pops open in under 30 seconds

  • Stores flat for ease of shipment, storage, mailing and distribution

  • 37 mm bi-convex, large format lenses

  • Works with all smartphones (Android and iphone)

  • Easy printing for direct mail applications

  • Full color branding available on viewer & sleeve



In 2017, DODOcase VR introduced P2 PROMO to address the needs of our clients looking to deliver a mass marketing virtual reality experience to large audiences.


We were approached by several clients looking to insert a virtual reality viewer within the pages of a magazine. P2 PROMO is the result of these collaborations. P2 PROMO is a flat-folding virtual reality cardboard viewer that slides into its own custom branded envelop, which is about 6" x 2.75". P2 PROMO is the smallest most lightweight & minimal VR viewer we offer, designed for mass distribution. It features a glossy printed finish and uses the same 25mm bi-convex lenses used in our P1 viewers and can accommodate all smartphones both Android and iOS. 

P2 PROMO is great for those wanting to give their audiences a quick and easy taste of VR without the overhead of more sophisticated viewers. 

Clients such as Tom's Shoes, AT&T, and Etihad Airlines have deployed P2 PROMO to support their virtual reality campaigns with huge success. 

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