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Integrated VR marketing with Conan 360 at ComicCon

AT&T and Conan O'Brien reunited for the second time in 2016 at Comic Con with Conan 360. Immersive Media gave viewers the best seat in the house by mounting their 360 capture camera technology right on Conan's desk giving fans a birds eye view of their favorite host and all the guests during Comic Con. AT&T and the Conan team collaborated on the custom DODOcase VR viewer design to ensuring a memorable and shareable viewer design. DODOcase was tasked with a number of product and logistical responsibilities during the campaign.

Our diverse fulfillment and services were tapped to realize each companies marketing objectives. First, we created a kick-ass Conan VR viewer that quickly became a one of a kind collectable.

Conan 360 custom VR viewer

The second challenge we tackled was the distribution of 30,000 viewers directly to individual influencers around the country targeting a single launch date. While many of our clients need custom VR sent to a single distribution center, a growing number of our clients are taking advantage of the many services in our VR services suite. In this case, we were delivered all the address in bulk, translated them to individual mailers, coordinated with the postal service, and ensured this unique VR viewer would hit the world at the exact right moment....

That moment was when Conan brought the viewer on stage and invited all his closest fans to join him.

Conan360 VR

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