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Introducing Beer Goggles: The World's first beverage carrying Virtual Reality headset

Our VR team prides itself on innovating around our clients needs. Budweiser, IMG and the Cleveland Cavaliers wanted to introduce NBA fans to virtual reality content in a fun and innovative way for the 2016 NBA playoffs. During the series versus the Hawks, lucky fans will be able to walk way with the worlds first beverage carrying virtual reality headset.

Team DODOcase developed this unique delivery approach in our innovation labs early 2016. Using a purpose built beverage insert, users can carry away two Anheuser Busch beverage alongside their custom Cleveland Cavalier P2 DODOcase smartphone VR viewers. Once at their seat, fans can pull the insert out, insert their phone in the front of the viewer and viewer some amazing virtual reality basketball content.

These limited editions affiliate viewers are sure to be a collectors item. For more information on our innovations lab please contact us at

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