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Here's Everything You Want to Know About Cardboard VR Headsets

It sure is an exciting time to be alive and well in the age of technological innovation which we live. With the advent of technology becoming more and more prevalent, it seems like a new amazing piece of tech is created nearly every month! The Google Cardboard VR headset is certainly no exception to this trend and is, in fact, one of the most affordable tech add-ons that the market has ever seen. Let’s explore why these headsets have caught on like wildfire, how they’re set up and how easily they can be custom printed for corporate or personal use.

VR Box Review - Google Cardboard Headset

While the Google Cardboard cutouts made by Google are a simple revolution in their own right, they’re still just plain cardboard from a glance. Yes, they’re functional and have Velcro that assists in an easy setup which even grandma can’t mess up, but they’re admittedly plain-looking. Structurally, they get the job done with ease and hold up very well over repeated use while doing about 80% as good of a job as competing VR headsets. The difference between them and the more expensive headsets is just that: their cost amounts to pennies on the dollar compared to other manufacturers. They are designed to allow you to view many places in the world which you would be otherwise unable to visit physically as well as to simulate fun and emotionally engaging content such as roller coaster or airplane rides and so much more. They’re so immersive, in fact, that they can actually make you feel almost exactly like you’re in the environment which is being projected.

Many skeptics may find this experience hard to believe coming from a piece of “tech” as simple as a piece of cardboard, yet once tried the results are astonishingly transformative and realistic. Any VR Box Review - Google Cardboard Headset stands to prove the power of simplicity in innovation and how widely it can be applied to improve our everyday lives.

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