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Why distributing a custom Google Cardboard Viewer continues to have high perceived value.

We often talk to our clients about the ROI of virtual reality. As with all new mediums, marketers are striving to determine what are the metrics that matter. Within the VR experiences themselves, the metrics field is quite interesting. Do you track which direction most users are looking within your experience? Most likely. How do you measure the replay value of content? With early data suggesting viewers will rewatch 360 / VR content 10x more than 2-D content, clearly there is a deeper connection, but how deep?? Additionally, how do we value the depth of experience? When users are delivered into a time / space / experience that they would otherwise never experience, clearly a deeper connection is formed.

At DODOcase VR, we focus on custom branded google cardboard viewers and custom branded SMARTvr viewers. As a hardware partner, our perspective of ROI is slightly different. Our production partners are rightfully selling against the metrics above. For us, we look at a couple of straight forward things. One, how does the recipient feel when they receive their branded Google Cardboard viewer? Our design and the quality of our production is focused on primacy. We want every user to feel 'wow' from the moment they see the gift the brand is providing to them. Our patent pending sleeve design and flat pack, create a special unboxing experience for each user. As a brand, you paid for these viewers, it is essential your partner can deliver this type of primacy.

The other thing to consider is the reuse of your viewer. You are inviting your customers into the world of virtual reality. With 1000s of apps and experiences available, you aren't simply providing YOUR great experience, you are providing a gateway to the entire industry. Your strategy should focus on getting your experience downloaded, but don't forget to tell your customers that they now have a world at their fingertips (literally). By encouraging reuse of your custom VR viewer you are encouraging your customers to become brand advocates. After all, they will be holding your brand on their face every time they use a viewer!!

Below are a couple new experiences worth sharing with your customers to encourage them to reuse their custom branded viewers!

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