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Virtual Reality sells luxury vacation homes in Lake Tahoe

Northstar Lake Tahoe is one of the worlds best winter sports destinations. Travelers from all over the world have been flocking to this world-class destination for decades. As the mountain has grown so have the new home opportunities, wanting to attract premium buyers from around the globe, the Mountainside Group has begun using virtual reality to offer tours of their winter wonderland homes. Imagine touring your new home during an active snowstorm! Initially piloting the program using custom branded Google cardboard headsets, Mountainside knew they wanted to go up-market with some of the properties valued in the multi-millions. SMARTvr, a premium, pocket virtual reality headset was the natural choice. Designed by former ex-Apple employees to have presence, SMARTvr combined with great content feels like a generous gift in the sales process. Putting You Right in the Middle of Your Luxury Home If you’re looking for a luxury vacation home, you may feel limited because looking at floor plans doesn’t tell you how your furniture will look in the space or give you a real feel for if the home is right for you. When it comes to your home, you need things to feel right. Layouts, home amenities, the view from the windows and the square footage all are important factors in buying a luxury home. Traveling to a destination just to see if it’s the right home for you is not only expensive, but time consuming. This is when SMARTvr technology becomes invaluable. Using SMARTvr technology, you can be transported to your potential future luxury home. This brings the technology of the future to you now.

Imagine standing in the middle of your luxury mountainside home. As your eyes move around the living room and you see a fireplace with a crackling, roaring fire and you feel its warmth. You look across the room to the spacious kitchen and dining room area. You walk upstairs and notice an open view to the living room downstairs and the large picture windows at the top of the stairs. You walk down the hall to your children’s bedrooms and see them playing and then you turn and walk down the hall to your gorgeous master bedroom suite and bathroom, complete with an oval bowl tub and all-glass shower. When you go back downstairs, you notice the panoramic windows and the beautiful fresh snow that is perfect for skiing and snowboarding. You call your family together and you enter the gear room with your skis and other snow toys and get ready to enjoy the white powder and crisp air of the newly fallen snow. Once you return from your exhilarating run through the snow, you can enjoy hot chocolate or a wonderful hot meal made in your spacious kitchen. Later on, you and your sweetie curl up in front of the fireplace and unwind from the day’s events. The above visual experience can be delivered with the SMARTvr viewer, which gives luxury home buyers a realistic, up-close view of what their future home is like. SMARTvr viewers connect home buyers with realtors who feature the newest home builders. For realtors and homebuilders, SMARTvr viewers can be customized with your logo and full color graphics. The viewers work with any smartphone and can be sent via regular mail. SMARTvr viewers are not just for luxury properties. SMARTvr viewers can be used to share highlights of events surrounding the luxury properties, as well as sharing visualization of other remote properties. In the sales process, the Mountainside team is not only using 360 Video/VR to invite viewers into their homes, but also giving viewers the gift of VR. The SMARTvr viewer is compatible with 1000s of hours of content and apps making it a wonderful tool for new VR viewers.

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