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Mountain Dew Tour takes VR to the extreme with SMARTvr

Mountain Dew Virtual Reality

Mountain Dew and DODOcase VR teamed up to bring Dew Tour fans into the action with a custom branded SMARTvr virtual reality viewer combined with incredible 360 footage from the world's best extreme sports athletes. After several successful marketing initiatives using our custom branded Google cardboard viewers, Mountain Dew wanted to step up their game (or progress as they say in the action sports world). SMARTvr is the world’s first fully immersive, pocket virtual reality viewer. SMARTvr features a removable lens cover which is customizable with your brands logo and imagery. Virtual Reality Viewers Are Changing the Sports Experience How can you get in the middle of the action of a sport without suiting up or the risk of getting hurt? You engage in the sport with SMARTvr viewers. Whether it’s playing basketball and virtually shooting hoops with the sports MVP or trying to make the winning goal in soccer or ice hockey, the intensity of the sport has moved up several notches as sports fans get right into the action on the court or on the ice. Even at the 2016 Super Bowl, fans got a taste of virtual reality technology. There isn’t a sport out there that isn’t made better with virtual reality technology. Let’s face it; courtside seats and VIP seating areas aren’t within everybody’s financial reach. SMARTvr viewers put you in the middle of it all. Virtual reality isn’t just local to America. Sporting events all over the world are getting into virtual reality technology. Boxing matches in Ireland, cricket in England and jai alai in Spain are all being captured using virtual technology to enhance the sports fan experience. The Ultimate Extreme Sports Fan Experience The ultimate extreme sports fan experience is to be put in the seat of their favorite extreme sports athlete. Mountain Dew did just that when it teamed up with us at DODOcase VR. Dew Tour fans got to experience up close how it feels to do extreme sports. Skateboarding, biking, skiing and snowboarding never looked the same as it does under the realism of a VR viewer. Turning Sports Fans into Sports Playing Enthusiasts Watching a professional athlete play in the game is one thing; being in his shoes is another and grabbing a hockey stick while wearing VR viewers is another experience at the ultimate level of engagement. How do you know if you want to play a sport? How do you know you want to invest in the gear required to play it? Putting on VR viewers and trying your hand at a virtual hockey game gives you a good idea of what it’s like to play the game. Amateur women’s hockey continues to be a growing sport because of VR technology. Women are a fast growing demographic in extreme sports and it’s partially because of VR technology. The Dew Tour has been around since the early 2000s. Each year it gets bigger and better with major network coverage and big-name sponsors. Their desire to make virtual reality technology a part of the ultimate extreme sports fan experience is a testament to the growing interest in virtual reality as a companion to sports. For campaigns that either require a more durable viewer or need a premium element due to the audience, SMARTvr is the superior choice over the standard branded Google cardboard headsets. As with all DODOcase VR products, we specialize in high quality and quick turn around solutions. From 1 to a million, we are the only partner with a 3 year track record delivering to the world's top brands.

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