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Virtual Reality for Real Estate

While searching for your dream home, imagine what it will look like with your furnishings and home décor. Will your new home look as beautiful with your ideas as it does in the model or staged version? When you’re searching online for homes, you often find more than one that could easily fit your needs.

Matterport VR viewer

Imagine a convenient way to view homes without having to attend a ton of open house tours. Envision the idea of virtually picturing your furniture in your new home. Virtual Reality for Real Estate provides millions of people with the opportunity to walk through new homes from their desktop or mobile device.

Northstar Mountainside Virtual Reality

The 3D experience of viewing homes has been around for a while, but the technology has vastly improved. You can view a lot more of the property, including inside closets, basements, and behind stairs. You can also see inside the showers and the entire exterior of the home. In addition to planning your interior design, you can also plan your landscaping.

Warriors VR

This advancement in real estate technology is a huge wave of the future and an exciting opportunity for home buyers and sellers. Virtual reality for real estate tools all you to virtually tour properties that are already built and ones that are planned for construction. Buyers will be able to visualize the floorplans and virtually furnish their homes, condos or office properties. The technology will allow sellers to presell properties to clients and gain useful feedback and analytics to determine what buyers are seeking.

Companies such as Matterport, Google Tango, roomy, and Virtual Xperience are the leaders in this fantastic technology. The software uses colors, flooring options, window designs, virtual appliances, and office equipment to give the viewer the ability to decorate the rooms and choose from various layouts. Having this ability to view properties conveniently leads to more satisfied customers, less buyer’s remorse and increased property sales.

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