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Custom branded Google Cardboard for design and tourism

Each week we've got a steady stream of custom viewer projects going out the door across more industries than we can mention. Occasionally certain areas crop up that shine a light on areas where VR is being used very strategically. This week those areas are interior design and tourism.

Interior design has always been a very visual field. As consumers are starting to envision their new spaces, a picture replaces 1000 words. I'm beginning to think 'VR pictures' are replacing 10,000 words! Exporting content via software such as 2020 Interior Design Software is helping immerse consumers within their designs. It is one of the implementations of VR that makes a lot of sense. There is a subtle difference that allows the viewer to 'feel' like they are more 'in' the environment they are designing. Top design firms all over the country are using these tools to sell more and deliver a more engaging experience to consumers. We've enabled dozens of firms to supply custom branded Google cardboard viewers for design.

The second area I'd like to highlight is VR for tourism. Tourism has always been a highly competitive industry. Global tourism boards continue to spend large budgets against traditional media to lure would be travels to locales. VR can teleport travels into exotic worlds that give them a taste for the experiences they can expect. Typically our branded VR headsets are linked to travel campaigns using 360 degree video.

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