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Three Ways You Can Get to Know Your SMARTvr With Your Whole Family

When you enjoy virtual reality, you can have a fun viewing experience without having to go to a special theater or another facility that costs a lot of money. You can transform your smartphone into a virtual reality set using an affordable viewer that is easy to set up and put away whenever you want to do so. Here are three ways that you can get to know your SMARTvr along with your family.

Make It an Entertainment Night

If you only have one viewer, then make it a part of an entertainment night. You could set up a video gaming console, some other activities such as a game of Twister and have your SMARTvr ready. Set a timer and give everybody a chance to do all the activities. Everyone gets a turn to try out the viewer, and what's more is that it'll be a great bonding experience for you and your family.

Record Fun Videos

Before you get to know your SMARTvr, be sure to record some fun videos on your phone. You can then use those videos as a part of your virtual reality experience. If more than one member of your household has a smartphone, consider pairing them and using them together. Share the video and immerse yourselves in the experience at the same time.

Choose the Viewer Together

Different people have different tastes. Some like things bright and others like their cases or viewers to be more subdued. Consider choosing viewers together. In many households, all the adults and teenagers have their own smartphones. It is not unusual for school-age children to have their own smartphone, too. Consider getting the virtual reality viewers as a holiday gift. Let everybody pick one that suits their style. This allows you to learn about VR as a big group.

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