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What do you give VIPs you are introducing to VR?

We've been evangelizing VR along side our partners since 2014. The introduction of custom cardboard viewers was certainly a revelation to the industry as prior to that point if you wanted to show someone a VR experience you'd need to lug around an extremely powerful computer. Cardboard based VR viewers allowed anyone with a smartphone to display their content. We were the first company after Google's introduction to offer cardboard units to individuals and later became the first company to specialize in custom smartphone virtual reality viewers. Along the way we worked with some of the early pioneers on the content side. Companies like Groove Jones, Specular Theory, Wemersive, JauntVR and many others. Collectively we all began to fill something was missing. When demoing to investors and CEO, the custom cardboard viewers were lacking some gravitas. Longing for something with more presence, we began collecting input that would fuel the design for SMARTvr. Our friends and partners wanted a portable, yet full immersive VR viewer that could work with any smartphone and would have a premium feel. We delivered this in SMARTvr. For 2017, we've begun offering custom branded covers which have enabled our customers to start using VR more strategically. It is amazing to be on this journey with all our friends in the content creation business.

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