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DODOcase QUICKvr viewers to support TOMS SHOES and AT&T 'A Walk in Their Shoes' campaign

TOMS Shoes buy a pair, give a pair philosophy has never been so visceral as their latest campaign with AT&T. Using the DODOcase QUICKvr viewer, TOMS is connecting buyers with the emotional joy of giving.

"A Walk In Their Shoes" chronicles the journey of one Toms customer from California as he travels to Colombia to meet a child that benefits directly from his purchase. AT&T's senior vice president of brand marketing Fiona Carter says the goal was to celebrate Toms's success over the last decade in an exciting and new way that really brings to life what Mycoskie is doing around the world. "What we love about this is that it's a really immersive way to experience the impact that buying one pair of Toms shoes can have, in this case on one boy in Colombia," says Carter. "It's a powerful way to show how to make a difference in the world."

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