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Roller Coasters and VR...a natural combo

Cedar Fair Entertainment is the owner and operator of some of your favorite amusement parks and have been on the cutting edge of entertainment for decades. We met the team back in 2015 and appreciated their vision for how VR could be brought into the park. Their first effort was to reveal the Valravn rollercoaster at Cedar Point in Ohio to fans around the work via a smartphone VR experience. The experience was completely true to the park. As you ride down this cutting edge coaster in VR you'll see all your other favorite ride and landmarks from Cedar Point.

In an industry first, coaster fans, journalists and others from around the globe could get a sneak peak at the big reveal. What happened next was unexpected, the smartphone VR experience was downloaded 100s of thousands of times and began a journey of its own. We were selected as their partner to deliver the custom branded DODOcase Pop Up Viewers to lucky fans and journalists. Later, fueled by the success of the app, Cedar Fair asked us to create units for sale at the amusement park.

We love seeing these VR experience evolve from a purely marketing opportunity into an ongoing sales opportunity. More and more we are seeing companies take the longer view on the VR opportunity and begin exploring how to extend the value of their investments.

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